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We are a Long Island, New York based Commercial Photography Studio. 

For companies that sell products or who offer services with a highly visible component, imagery is all important in the marketing and branding of their offerings. This is where Long Island product and food photographer, Juno Photo Productions comes in. You can tell potential clients that your products are great or your service is top notch but in the end, they are only words. Whether it is your e-commerce website, an e-mail campaign, a social media post or more traditional forms of marketing like print advertising. Wherever you can use words you can also use pictures and those images must truly represent who you are as well as the quality of your products and services.

If your company is looking to effectively brand and market products that have a prominent visual component, you need to have the best images possible. For those businesses who truly want to have their products presented with the best possible photographic results, you need a photography service who focuses solely on commercial product photography. Welcome to the world of product, e-commerce and food photographer on Long Island, Juno Photo Productions.

Long Island Commercial Photographer, Juno Photo Productions is a full service product and commercial photographer on Long Island also serving the Metro-New York business communities. We specialize in commercial product photography that presents your products in a way that will enhance your marketing and branding activities, elevating your product perception so that it is viewed in all its true beauty. The photos we will take are suitable for use in both print and digital applications, providing you with a consistent image quality across all of your activities. Additionally and just as important, we use only top of the line equipment and software to ensure that the images we create for you are technically perfect for whatever use you have in mind. 

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, we invite you to visit our image galleries to see and understand how we can help you to truly present your products in all their glory. Our passion for our craft translates into a passion to help you realize your vision, a fact that our clients all understand from day one.



Our Team!!


Kevin M. Norris

Founder/Creator, Photographer


John Montana



Carlos Carcamo

Studio Assistant